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Artemis Homes is a proudly owned local business developing homes in the Regina area. We are proud to work where we live and are committed to creating homes in neighbourhoods that support family lifestyles. Our communities are central to our social well-being, so it is our privilege to contribute to the growth and development of the city. If you wish to partner with a local home builder, please contact us today.


We are excited to develop homes in Regina’s newest southeast neighbourhood, The Towns. The location is family-focused, with schools, parks, pathways, and plenty of space for fresh air activities. It’s also home to Horizon Station Park, designed by St. Gabriel Elementary School students. The students were given creative freedom to imagine their dream park, which was then developed with their ideas in mind. The Towns features The Woodland, a 2.1-acre commercial project and hub for locally owned and operated businesses. Nearby access to Woodland Groove Drive, Arcola Avenue and Victoria Avenue also provides easy access to all south-end amenities. There is something for everyone in The Towns!

The Towns is thrilled about Artemis Homes joining our builder family. Artemis has brought in an excellent portfolio of housing choices for our community, and we always enjoy our friendly interactions with them. We always love to see when builders bring on new housing designs, and Artemis certainly seems to be bold when it comes to new ideas!

Cathy Lawrence

The Towns


Artemis Homes is thrilled to be a part of Westerra, located off Dewdney Avenue in West Regina. This 490-acre community offers beautiful green spaces close to nearby conveniences, making it an urban community with a relaxed suburban feel. As Regina’s next residential growth area, Westerra will offer retail development, including boutique shops and a business park, which will allow residents to work near the neighbourhood in which they live. It’s also conveniently located on a transit route, making it an easy commute to many west-side employers and amenities, including the RCMP Depot, Pasqua Hospital, Global Transportation Hub, Brandt-Agricultural Products Division, Pioneer Village, Evraz Place, and the Regina International Airport. Westerra is a great community to call home.


No matter where you are in your building journey, we’d love to show you what we can do. Now building homes in both Westerra and The Towns sub-regions of Regina, we plenty of floorplans for a family of five to a family of none to choose from….