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Artemis Homes is a Regina home builder that you can trust with one of life’s biggest investments – your home! In our latest article, we are thrilled to announce Our Chairman, John Grant won the Queen Jubilee Medal for Philanthropy. 

John Grant Recipient of the Queen Platinum Jubilee Medal for Philanthropy.

In 2023, Canada celebrated the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, and one of the most highly anticipated honours was the Queen Platinum Jubilee Medal for Philanthropy. This prestigious award recognized outstanding philanthropic contributions made by individuals, organizations, and businesses in Saskatchewan.

Philanthropy is an act of giving to charitable causes or organizations for the purpose of improving the lives of others. It plays a critical role in addressing social and economic challenges and building stronger, more resilient communities. The Queen Platinum Jubilee Medal for Philanthropy recognizes individuals and organizations who have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to philanthropy and have made a significant impact in their communities.

In Regina, the Honourable Russ Mirasty, Lieutenant and Deputy Mayor Andrew Stevens presented the medal to 164 outstanding citizens. One of those citizens was John Grant, Chairperson for Artemis Homes was recognized for his exceptional commitment to philanthropy, innovation, leadership and dedication to the causes he supports.

John Grant expressed his gratitude for the award and acknowledged the responsibility that comes with being a recipient. He stated that as a recipient, he will serve as a role model and inspiration for others, demonstrating the incredible power of philanthropy to transform lives and build a better Regina.

The Queen Platinum Jubilee Medal for Philanthropy is a powerful symbol of the importance of giving back to society and making a positive difference in your community. It serves as a reminder that philanthropy is not just a moral duty, but a vital component of a healthy and prosperous society.  

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