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Electrical considerations are one of the most important areas of focus when building a home. Much like ensuring you have enough closet and storage space, convenient electrical outlets and features are on the priority list of considerations when building a new home.

Electrical Considerations

Consider placing electrical outlets in these often-overlooked areas to simplify your daily life:

1. Convenient Closet Outlets

Putting outlets in closets, storage cubbies, or inside bathroom vanity cabinets makes them handy for charging, testing, or operating small appliances.

2. Motion Sensors

Closets and pantries should include a motion sensor.

3. Night Lights

We reccommend including outlets to accommodate a night light, particularly in the bathroom.

4. Attic Lighting

The attic is an important area where one will appreciate having light and a few electrical outlets.

5. Heated Towel Racks

Consider heated towel racks, which can quickly turn your bathroom into a spa experience.

6. Holiday Lighting

Consider putting electrical outlets above kitchen cabinets and stairways for holiday lighting and/or decorating.

7. Master Light Switches

A master switch in the bedroom for example, makes it easy to turn out all the lights before bed!

8. Bedroom Outlets

We recommend a minimum of four plug outlets near one’s bed in the master bedroom.

9. Conduits

Be prepared for future circumstances by running a conduit under the driveway for potential wiring or plumbing needs.

10. Pre-wire Speakers & Sensors

Pre-wire speakers for indoors and outdoors and a motion sensor for any exterior lights.

11. Eave Outlets

Outlets on the underside of eaves make holiday decorating easy, especially if they are wired to turn off and on from inside the house.

12. Power On All House Sides

Ensure power and house outlets are available on all four sides of your house.

Properly planning closets and storage areas can increase your enjoyment of your home. Organizing the day-to-day clutter will also prevent it from becoming overwhelming.

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