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Artemis Home combines the efforts of our awesome trade partners, high-quality materials, and an effortless process to construct your dream home.

One of our valued partners is Robinson Residential Design, they have decades of experience in the home design business and are passionate about providing well-designed house plans!

Erica Eftodie 

In addition to our working relationship with the Robinson home designers, we work with Erica Eftodie, an Interior Design Technologist, who is a part of the Robinson Residential team. 

Erica has a passion for interior design and organization. She joined Robinson Residential Design in 2021 and often gets to use her diploma in Interior Design Technology in residential projects. She has an eye for colour and loves creating 3D models in SketchUp. Erica enjoys working with intelligent, creative individuals and learning something new every day. Erica also enjoys a few hobbies – she plays the piano (she has her grade 8), soccer, and enjoys playing with Terrance, her kitty.

Our Interview With Erica

We got to sit down with Erica herself, to ask her about her job and what she likes about working with Artemis! 

What attracted you to interior design/decorating?

For as long as I can remember, when I would walk into a room, I would imagine what I would do to make the space more beautiful. I would conceptualize all the ways I would improve the space and make it function better. I further realized I had an eye for interior design when friends and family would always ask for my advice, and I genuinely loved helping them with their designs. Due to this, I decided to go to school to expand my knowledge and learn more about the field of interior design.

What is your favorite room to decorate? Why? 

I enjoy designing the kitchen, dining, and living spaces the most because they are typically used the most. I like to challenge myself in making these harmonize together and set the tone for the entire home. These are also the spaces that generally have main features I like to make the accents. Whether it be beams, fireplaces, or a spectacular view, I enjoy making these areas stand out as features. 

Where do you look for inspiration?

I look for inspiration all around me. When I go for walks in my neighborhood, I like to see all of the character houses and what other people are doing with their homes. I follow many architectural and interior design accounts where I save inspirational photos on a daily basis, hoping I can one day personalize aspects of each design. I also look for inspiration from my coworkers who have outside the box ideas and the experience to help construct the design architecturally.

How is it working with Artemis? What do you like about our homes?

Artemis will allow designs to have quality products and materials in order for the concept to come together in a meaningful way. Attention to detail is important when a design package is created and Artemis takes the time to understand why you chose the finishes you chose and agrees to make each individual choice a priority to pulling off the entire look. They do not shy away from designs or cut corners because they are complex, expensive, or time-consuming, they put pride into their work and make the home beautiful so that the space can be enjoyed by anyone who resides in it.

What stands out about Artemis Homes?

It takes really great people to trust your process and take the time to listen and envision your design with you. The encouragement and support received in making your concept become a reality is unmatched. Working with people who care as much as you do about the overall outcome is extremely beneficial for any home designer. Myles specifically takes the time to hear my design ideas, and does everything he can to make the concept a reality.

What’s your top design tip? 

The best thing you can do for yourself when designing your own home is to not pay attention to fads, but to stay true to your own taste. I would recommend keeping main finishes neutral so you can express your personality through interchangeable items, i.e., pillows, blankets, patterns. This is the most cost-effective way to update the entire look of your home by changing out stylish items which will always look good with a neutral background.

“If you love the design and look of your home, it will never go out of style for you. “ –  Erica Eftodie.

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